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For full access to our website contents, a donation is necessary. Without donation you will not be able to see all our content. Our site offers information about movies, erotic movies, documentary films, cartoons etc. We also provide torrent links for them. Note that with donation you do not pay for access to that video content. Planet HD offers its members just information about files which are available on the Internet. Movies and other files that are described on our site are freely accessible to every Internet user and are not stored on our servers. By donating you get access to information about these files and other information about movies, erotic movies, documentary films, cartoons and so on.

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About torrent links
Torrent connections have a lifetime, which means that they will no longer function after a certain time. Even for older films, we are looking for and adding links that work, but it may not be possible to download a particular movie or series at some point.

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We do not require your personal informations, we do not collect, store or process them.

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